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MODX 70 is an innovative blue-water yacht with eco-friendly credentials for sailing in all weathers. Developed by Ocean Developpement (Marco Simeoni, Franck David, Jean-Marc Normant…), the French yard behind the MOD 70s, the model offers various choices and strong environmental features. The catamaran hull is built with Sicomin’s partially bio-sourced resin Infugreen. Her structure has been lightened as much as possible to reduce weight and facilitate handling.


Fruit of a profound commitment to reducing the impact of human activities on the environment, and of a desire to change our relationship with time, Sailcoop has given it self the mission of reinventing how we travel on the sea by proposing decarbonized solutions for transporting passengers under sail.

Lagoon 60

The Lagoon 60 catamaran resides between the Lagoon 55 and the SIXTY 5, thus establishing a coherent link between the range’s big boats and Lagoon Yachts.

Gunboat 80

A newcomer in the range, the Gunboat 80 is a continuation of the 68 with a deck layout and sail plan worthy of a racing boat, but offering the utmost luxury too. She can sail on one hull thanks to large asymmetric boards and T-foil rudders, while weight-saving was pushed to the extreme to enhance her performance. Indeed, the Gunboat 80 weighs only 28 tonnes!


Paragon illustrates VPLP Design’s quest for excellence. This fast 85’ (26 m) monohull was conceived like a flawless diamond, shaped for its visual perfection and technical performance. This project opens the door to a new era of vessels inspired by maxi sailing boats and foilers, both inshore and offshore. 


Réalité is an Ocean Fifty built in the same moulds as Planet Warrior, the latter launched in 2020 and winner of the 2022 Route du Rhum in the livery of Koesio.

Gunboat 72

Like the 80, the Gunboat 72 is a continuation of the first Gunboat designed by VPLP, the 68, even to the point of being built in the same mould, which was extended amidships for the purpose. The only real (but important) difference is that she is aimed at the cruising market, as can be seen by the addition of a flybridge.

Outremer 52

The Outremer 52 is the third collaboration between yacht-builders Outremer and VPLP Design. It has all the brand’s usual features and includes the latest developments from the 55, such as the adjustable helm, the view forward through the saloon, and the helm seat designed for two people.

Aquila 42

For our first collaboration with the Aquila shipyard, VPLP Design has developed a boat that lives up to the spirit of the existing range, but which also offers a fresh look at the hull shape, the style and the accommodations.


Catch me is the first GP70 cruising catamaran. It was designed by VPLP Design under the expert eye of Patrick Le Quément. Measuring 70 feet, it can accommodate 8 passengers and 2 members of the crew, combining performance and comfort.