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VPLP Design

© Vincent Olivaud / Réalités

A question of approach

The men and women of VPLP Design all share the same passion for the sea and the wind.

We innovate every day to design boats that are better, faster, safer, soberer, more comfortable and more efficient.

We listen and we discuss – a lot, channelling our experience and creativity so that we always exceed the expectations of the specifications or a need expressed.

Our job is to always go one step further and turn into reality the dreams and ambitions of mariners. Our overriding concern: the sustainability of our projects.

© VPLP Design

All elegant, all different

For us, an elegant boat is the faithful synthesis of our customers’ wishes, and their satisfaction is the goal to which we strive. At VPLP Design we are convinced that a successful boat is often the result of a remarkable human adventure.

We are passionate about performance, in the widest sense of the word. Performance is, of course, about speed but it’s also about energy-efficient propulsion.

Designing “zero emission” boats is the fruit of all our skills combined. When it comes to ensuring continuous innovation, our default position is clear: curiosity.

© Gilles Martin-Raget

Cross-functionality leads to innovation

Designing boats requires a multi-skilled team which leverages the talents of naval architects, engineers and designers. This allows us to deal with every aspect of the design process, while assuring the quality of our projects.

VPLP Design operates in three distinct areas, through a Racing Division, Yachting Division and Maritime Division. Each division operates under the responsibility of a coordinator, although the entire team works cross-functionally on the firm’s projects.

The continual transfer of our skills between divisions is the key to our ability to innovate with creativity, diligence, rigour and humility. We are always attentive and respectful listeners.

Our areas of activity

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