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MODX 70 is an innovative blue-water yacht with eco-friendly credentials for sailing in all weathers. Developed by Ocean Developpement (Marco Simeoni, Franck David, Jean-Marc Normant…), the French yard behind the MOD 70s, the model offers various choices and strong environmental features. The catamaran hull is built with Sicomin’s partially bio-sourced resin Infugreen. Her structure has been lightened as much as possible to reduce weight and facilitate handling.

© MOD X / Océan Développement

Rising to the challenges of modern sailing, the MODX 70 features two automated propulsion modes to ensure zero CO2 emissions when under way. She can run fully electric or in conjunction with automated and retractable Aeroforces wing sails that were developed specifically for the project. A hydrogen option is currently under development.

© MOD X / Océan Développement

Exploiting the possibilities offered by the twin self-supporting wingsails, the architects decided to do away with the sidedecks to maximize the interiors and develop a vast living area on the main deck. Devoid of fittings and chandlery, the unhindered layout of the deck adds to her sleek appearance while retaining a living area of almost 200 m². Low aspect ratio keels under the hulls offer potential for beaching, and free up living space below decks.

© MOD X / Océan Développement

Another special design feature is the extension of the centre hull, made possible by the absence of a forward crossbeam. It provides enough space to stow the tender forward instead of in the usual location aft, thus freeing up even more space in the stern.






VPLP Design


Océan Développement


glass/carbon fibre


21,3 m


9,92 m


1,74 m

Air Draft

27,1 m



Sail Area

260 m²

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