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Fruit of a profound commitment to reducing the impact of human activities on the environment, and of a desire to change our relationship with time, Sailcoop has given itself the mission of reinventing how we travel on the sea by proposing decarbonized solutions for transporting passengers under sail.

The cooperative started out by chartering mass-produced boats before embarking on the construction of its first bespoke vessel, which was partly funded through public subscription. Designed especially for this project, this sailing ship has a carrying capacity of 80 passengers and offers crossings to the French islands of Glénan, Groix and Porquerolles.

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The initial challenge facing the project involved bringing innovative solutions to the table within the scope of the standards applying to passenger vessels. The design also had to comply with Le Chantier de l’Arsenal’s exclusive One Shape construction method. This method involves assembling shaped panels instead of using a mould, thus reducing the build’s carbon footprint.

The layout of the deck is modular to comply with the specifications: maximized passenger-carrying capacity in Class III and up to 80 people in Class IV, disabled toilets, wheelchair access, capacity for carrying luggage and bicycles… The helm is sited forward to ensure the skipper has an unhindered view and access to all the lines. The boat has a generous sail plan to maximize the use of her sails, even in very light airs.

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Another remarkable aspect of the boat involves her structure. Her scantlings and certain construction methods were modified in collaboration with Le Chantier de l’Arsenal to make her as light as possible. Saving weight helps Sailcoop achieve greater sustainability because using less material reduces the impact of the construction and, by enhancing her performance, increases the amount of time spent under sail.




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Day 1




18,6 m


8,7 m


2,8 m / 1,3 m

Air Draft

26,4 m



Sail Area

180 m²

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