Brava 25

Boatbuilders Brava have now launched their very own sailing boat design: the Brava 25.


Aperio – from the Latin “to reveal” – is a ship of two facets. Under sail, she is an outstanding yacht which, upon arrival at her destination, changes into an expansive haven of peace. 

We Explore

We Explore ARchi VPLP

Roland Jourdain’s We Explore catamaran is an Outremer 5X adapted by the teams of KaĂŻros Environnement, the Outremer shipyard and the VPLP Design agency to incorporate as many biomaterials as possible into its construction. In particular, the bridge is the largest linen piece ever made to date. The interior fittings have also been reduced to […]

Fast Foiling Ferry (F3) <br> 30 m version: passenger ferry and offshore

Fast Ferry Foiler pour décarboner le transport de passager

The Fast Foiling Ferry or F3 (pronounced “F Cube”) is the fruit of a technical and commercial partnership between Alwena Shipping, MerConcept and VPLP Design. It’s an innovative ship concept which lays the groundwork for achieving energy transition in the sea transportation sector This initial version is a versatile 30 m catamaran for transporting passengers and comes in two […]

Fast Foiling Ferry (F3) <br> 24 m version: city

Fast Ferry Foiling des architectes navales VPLP VPLP

The Fast Foiling Ferry or F3 (pronounced “F Cube”) is the fruit of a technical and commercial partnership between Alwena Shipping, MerConcept and VPLP Design. It’s an innovative ship concept which lays the groundwork for achieving energy transition in the sea transportation sector This new version is a 24 m catamaran designed for urban passenger transport. […]

Electric foiling catamaran

architecture naval et foils

This flying catamaran features two electric motors, a single foil and two elevator rudders. Developed for MerConcept, she is 12 m long, 5 m in the beam and has an operating range of 90 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 22 knots. Her carbon-fibre floats were inspired by the trimaran SVR Lazartigue. A veritable […]


Le navire de revele du Polar Pod de JLE, est construit par le chantier Piriou.

Issu d’une collaboration avec Olivier Petit, l’architecte d’Antartica, le TPP est un voilier hauturier naviguant dans les eaux polaires de l’Antartique afin d’effectuer la relève en Ă©quipage et en matĂ©riel du Polar pod, la station ocĂ©anographique dĂ©rivante imaginĂ©e pour Jean Louis Etienne.


Hublot - side view

Hugo Boss (version 2019) then Hublot. Alex Thomson’s latest Hugo Boss was designed with no lesser objective in mind than the 2020 VendĂ©e Globe. Developed from the 2015 Hugo Boss – second in the 2016 VendĂ©e Globe – and Charal, she is the result of bold choices made by Alex Thomson, drawing on his experience […]


Multihul superyacht SEAFFINITY

Seaffinity est un trimaran super profilé qui illustre la vision de VPLP Design d’un yacht du futur, silencieux, automatisé en partie, et propulsé par une énergie vertueuse, le vent.
Rencontrons nous au salon Monaco Yacht Show – Quai Jarlan

SVR Lazartigue

Ultim SVR Lazartigue

Macif 101 then SVR Lazartigue Successor to Macif 100, M101 was renamed SVR-Lazartigue at her launch on 22 July 2021. She embodies everything that VPLP has learned about the design of Ultim trimarans, expertise leveraged by François Gabart and his team MerConcept in their endeavour to build a boat capable of flying over the ocean for […]