Gunboat 72

Like the 80, the Gunboat 72 is a continuation of the first Gunboat designed by VPLP, the 68, even to the point of being built in the same mould, which was extended amidships for the purpose. The only real (but important) difference is that she is aimed at the cruising market, as can be seen by the addition of a flybridge.



Looking to develop a fast sailing ship to provide a shipping service between Europe and the USA, French start-up VELA asked VPLP Design to explore the range of possibilities in this fledgling sector of zero-carbon transport of goods by sea. This led to the design of a 65 m schooner-rigged trimaran which can carry 350 tonnes between Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France) and New York in under two weeks, including loading and unloading.

Aquila 42

For our first collaboration with the Aquila shipyard, VPLP Design has developed a boat that lives up to the spirit of the existing range, but which also offers a fresh look at the hull shape, the style and the accommodations.


Catch me is the first GP70 cruising catamaran. It was designed by VPLP Design under the expert eye of Patrick Le Quément. Measuring 70 feet, it can accommodate 8 passengers and 2 members of the crew, combining performance and comfort.

Brava 25

Boatbuilders Brava have now launched their very own sailing boat design: the Brava 25.


The Navire Avenir is a rescue vessel developed for the non-profit organization SOS Méditerranée, and the first of a European fleet. Numerous designers are involved in the project, including about fifty research groups and art, design and architecture schools from Europe and South America. VPLP Design has been commissioned to design the vessel in collaboration with Marc Ferrand.


Aperio – from the Latin “to reveal” – is a ship of two facets. Under sail, she is an outstanding yacht which, upon arrival at her destination, changes into an expansive haven of peace.