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Fruit of a profound commitment to reducing the impact of human activities on the environment, and of a desire to change our relationship with time, Sailcoop has given it self the mission of reinventing how we travel on the sea by proposing decarbonized solutions for transporting passengers under sail.


Looking to develop a fast sailing ship to provide a shipping service between Europe and the USA, French start-up VELA asked VPLP Design to explore the range of possibilities in this fledgling sector of zero-carbon transport of goods by sea. This led to the design of a 65 m schooner-rigged trimaran which can carry 350 tonnes between Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France) and New York in under two weeks, including loading and unloading.


Designed to transport parts of the Ariane 6 rocket from European ports to French Guiana, the cargo ship Canopée is scheduled for launch in late 2022. She will be 121 m long and powered by four 363 m² wingsails set on 36 m masts.


The Navire Avenir is a rescue vessel developed for the non-profit organization SOS Méditerranée, and the first of a European fleet. Numerous designers are involved in the project, including about fifty research groups and art, design and architecture schools from Europe and South America. VPLP Design has been commissioned to design the vessel in collaboration with Marc Ferrand.

Fast Foiling Ferry (F3)
24 m version: city

The Fast Foiling Ferry or F3 (pronounced “F Cube”) is the fruit of a technical and commercial partnership between Alwena Shipping, MerConcept and VPLP Design. It’s an innovative ship concept which lays the groundwork for achieving energy transition in the sea transportation sector.

Fast Foiling Ferry (F3)
30 m version: passenger ferry and offshore

The Fast Foiling Ferry or F3 (pronounced “F Cube”) is the fruit of a technical and commercial partnership between Alwena Shipping, MerConcept and VPLP Design. It’s an innovative ship concept which lays the groundwork for achieving energy transition in the sea transportation sector.


Resulting from a collaboration with Olivier Petit, architect of Antarctica (now Tara), the Persévérance is an ocean-going sailing supply ship designed for the icy waters around Antarctica. She is tasked with carrying relief crew and equipment to the Polar Pod, the future drifting oceanographic research station devised for Jean-Louis Étienne.


Commissioned by the Micronesian Center for Sustainable Transport, a programme of the University of the South Pacific based in the Fiji Islands, and financed by the CNC shipping company, this project aims to develop a line of simple, robust and sober sailing cargo vessels to transport materials and essential commodities between the islands of the South Pacific.

Trade Wings 2500

Trade Wings 2500 (197 m LOA, 32 m beam) is an innovative concept for “small” container ships of 2500 TEU (twenty foot equivalent units) specializing in trade between subsidiary ports in Europe to supplement mega container ships, but also between ports in the Caribbean, Central America and China.


Developed for the communities of French Polynesia, the Niuhiti is a 25 m catamaran with a 13 m beam designed to carry passengers and freight between the many atolls and islands in the region.