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Sun Fast 30 One Design

The Class 30 sailboat, a project launched by the UNCL, now the racing pole of the Yacht Club de France, the RORC in the United Kingdom and the Storm Trysail Club in the United States, to revitalize access to ocean racing, will finally be built by the Jeanneau yard.

Brava 25

Boatbuilders Brava have now launched their very own sailing boat design: the Brava 25.

Electric racing powerboat

VPLP entered into a very innovative collaboration with the SailGP circuit in 2020. The aim of the project was to study and assess the architecture, design and technical solutions for producing an electric racing boat with full foiling capacity to create a fleet of one-design racing boats.


This project to design an electric foiling RIB focused on combining performance with a comfortable ride.


Befoil is the first foiling catamaran for beginners and sailing schools. The design aims to make foiling easier and safer for everyone.

Figaro 3

After a call for tenders, the job of designing the third generation of Figaro Beneteau boats was entrusted to VPLP, whose winning bid focused on creating “a gateway to ocean racing”. Figaro 3 adheres faithfully to the VPLP motto of lightness and power.


Aimed at the underwater diving market, this boat was developed in collaboration with the Platypus company which recently launched a prototype. The trimaran’s centre console is designed for two people and can be submerged two metres below the water’s surface. A breathing system using masks and a compressor enables the divers to spend up to ninety minutes below the waves without recourse to oxygen bottles.


After a very fruitful initial collaboration in the C-Class of the 2013 Little America’s Cup, the Swiss company Hydros expressed a desire to work once again with VPLP. The new remit was to design the HY-X, a flying motorboat featuring retractable foils which lift her hull about a metre out of the water.

Hydros – C-Class

In collaboration with HDS, Team Hydros and the Decision SA yard, VPLP designed two C-Class catamarans for Team Hydros, built in carbon fibre using Thin Ply Technology. These two boats represented Switzerland at Falmouth for the 2013 Little America’s Cup, securing second place. The Hydros C-Class catamarans are powered by a rigid wingsail in three […]

Diam 24 One Design

An international class of one-design sailing boats which allows you to experience multihull racing for €50,000. VPLP gave the Diam 24 an extremely competitive hull design, eliminating the unnecessary wherever possible.