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Special projects

Over the years, our experience and expertise have sometimes taken us beyond our core business of naval architecture and into exciting new specialist fields. For example, we have designed tools that can have interesting applications in other sectors, which is why enterprises working outside the maritime world often ask us to collaborate with them. We are always open to these kinds of projects as they enable us to develop our capacity for innovation.


Works to develop SYD (Simulation Yacht Dynamics) began at VPLP Design in 2017 as part of Paul Kerdraon’s thesis on a new generation simulator. Unlike existing tools aimed mostly at the America’s Cup, which concentrated on vessel attitude on a smooth sea, SYD incorporated the effects of the swell in its calculations to model seakeeping qualities.

As part of VPLP’s commitment to a sustainable future and the decarbonization of the shipping industry, the firm has developed a wingsail which is compatible with the constraints of shipping. Much of the design is based on its experience acquired in the America’s Cup, notably on USA 17 which won the 2010 edition.