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Actual Ultim 3

MACIF 100 then Actual Ultim 3

Macif was designed in close collaboration with François Gabart and his technical team, fresh from their wins in the Vendée Globe and the Route du Rhum. The remit was to produce a boat for solo and short-handed racing and record-breaking. Launched in 2015, she is almost as beamy as her rivals and carries the same amount of sail, but weighs in two tonnes lighter.

© Vincent Curutchet

Her most obvious innovation is the compact cockpit – “the shed” – which contains the working ends of the lines, the accommodation and the nav station in the same sheltered and enclosed space. Accessed via a hatch in the cockpit, the centre hull houses the engines, batteries, ballast tanks, food store and the equipment locker.

The rudders feature adjustable-pitch elevators to trim the boat, while the foils provide maximum stability when in foiling mode. She was fitted with new appendages during a major refit in 2018 to improve her foiling capabilities.

With François Gabart at the controls, Macif won every race she entered (Transat Jacques Vabre, The Transat, The Bridge), except the 2018 Route du Rhum when, hampered by the loss of a foil and a rudder, Francis Joyon beat her by a canvas. Unsurprisingly she currently holds the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Trophy, the solo round the world record under sail of 42 days, 16 hours and 40 minutes.

© Thierry Martinez

In 2021 she was sold to Actual, giving skipper Yves Le Blevec’s ambitions on the Ultim circuit a serious boost.






VPLP Design


CDK Technologies




30 m


22 m


4,50 m

Air Draft

36 m



Sail Area

440 m² / 650 m²


2015: 1st in the Transat Jacques Vabre (Macif, François Gabart & Pascal Bidégorry)

2016: 1st in The Transat (Macif, François Gabart)

2017: 1st in The Bridge (Macif, François Gabart)

2017: Solo Round the World Record (Macif, François Gabart) 42d 16h 40m

2017: Solo 24 Hour Distance Record (Macif, François Gabart) 851 nautical miles

2018: 2nd in the Route du Rhum (Macif, François Gabart)

2019: 2nd in the Brest Atlantiques (Macif, François Gabart & Gwénolé Gahinet)