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40, 50 et 78… Lagoon pumps up the volume

After the launch of their 39, 42, 52 and 77 footers, Lagoon continues to invest in its product portfolio with the release of the Lagoon 40, the Lagoon 50 and the SEVENTY8. The new models have been going on display for the very first time at Cannes Yachting Festival. Lagoon and VPLP design have been collaborating since 1987.

“We are continuing to update our range, the focus being on quality and luxury,” says Marc Dognin, project manager at VPLP design. “The 40 and 50 feature, for example, greater relief around the portholes and fuller lines.” Much attention was paid to exterior design, in partnership with Patrick le Quément who has been a regular VPLP collaborator over the years. Nauta designed the interior. With the mast stepped further aft to facilitate sail manoeuvres, a flush deck throughout the cockpit for comfortable access to the stern ladders, and redesigned windows to lighten the coachroof, the Lagoon 40 and 50 are “faithful to the fundamentals of the brand”.

As for SEVENTY8, the model is now the flagship of the brand’s motor-yachts. Developed in parallel with the SEVENTY7, the largest of Lagoon’s sailing catamarans, the SEVENTY8 is a “semi-custom” build at Construction Navale de Bordeaux (CNB), Beneteau Group’s large vessel yard. Featuring the hull door made famous by her sailing sister-ship, SEVENTY8 marks Lagoon’s first foray into the world of motor-yachts.