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Lagoon: the Seventy 7 showcases at Cannes

Incredible but true, VPLP Design has been designing boats for Lagoon, the world’s leading cruising catamaran manufacturer, for almost three decades! SEVENTY 7, the largest of all the Lagoons, went on display for the very first time at Cannes Yachting Festival in September. It marks a new beginning for both VPLP Design and Lagoon. Marc Van Peteghem explains.


Where does the SEVENTY 7 fit in the long collaboration between Lagoon and VPLP Design?

Marc Van Peteghem: “Every new design is a challenge, but this one was particularly interesting! In size, the SEVENTY 7 definitely belongs to the world of yachting and she’s a Lagoon. The main issue was to find a way of keeping the model in the family without it being reductive for the owner. It was a fascinating project and I believe we succeeded in merging those distinctive specifications. During the show we heard a number of Lagoon owners talk about SEVENTY 7 as the ‘big sister’, which is great to hear.”


So how did you do it?

Marc Van Peteghem: We retained Lagoon’s core values of building family-friendly boats capable of producing a respectable performance, and simply transposed them to the big yacht. I often call the SEVENTY 7 the ‘gentle giant’ of the series! I must highlight the design work done by Nauta (interior) and Patrick le Quément (exterior). Together, we favoured soft and sober lines to make her a real yacht without being ostentatious.”


What are the outstanding innovations on the SEVENTY 7?

Marc Van Peteghem: “Well, there is, of course, the much talked about side door (or hull door) which gives the owner’s cabin its own private deck and access to the sea – a first for a sailing boat and catamaran. But we also did considerable work on the interior to ensure the deck was flush throughout. SEVENTY 7 has lots of different spots where passengers can go to be alone or, on the contrary, come together. I’m thinking, in particular, of the fore cockpit which is ideal for a morning cup of coffee when you’re sailing in the trades!”