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Explore the future with
the Fast Foiling Ferry!

MerConcept + VPLP Design + Alwena Shipping

Unveiled in early 2020 by VPLP Design in collaboration with Alwena Shipping, the Fast Foiling Ferry is an innovative take on the hydrofoil concept and a significant development in the transition towards sustainable sea transportation leveraging renewable energies. With MerConcept joining the project in the autumn of 2021, the goal is to apply this tripartite endeavour to a wide range of maritime mobility solutions, from crew transport vessels (CTV) serving the oil industry to passenger transport ships carrying 120–200 travellers.

Initial discussions allowed us to identify the propulsion and energy-generating systems, including hydrogen production, that would be the focus of our research and development. Market studies and operator feedback have already highlighted several possible versions of this flying ferry, which is expected to run at speeds of between thirty and forty-five knots.

“By using decarbonized energies, the F3 could be produced in different versions depending on the local market, the availability of said energies, and local policies. We have some encouraging avenues for development for this boat and MerConcept is ideally placed to strengthen the team,” says Alwena Shipping chairman Ludovic Gerard.

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