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Réalité is an Ocean Fifty built in the same moulds as Planet Warrior, the latter launched in 2020 and winner of the 2022 Route du Rhum in the livery of Koesio.

Compared to her sistership, Réalité features a certain number of innovations in terms of ergonomics and structure to ensure that she is easier to sail and more powerful, without exceeding the minimum weight required by the class rules.

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In concrete terms this means greater protection in the stern and a stiffer structure, making her more responsive. The cockpit has been entirely reworked to give the crew a dedicated handling and living area above deck which is comprehensively sheltered from the elements but nevertheless provides great outward visibility.

A lot of work was also done on her aerodynamics with a view to reducing as much as possible air resistance, a factor that is becoming increasingly problematic for these boats which are sailing faster than ever.

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The concept of an enclosed cockpit, which was first seen on the Ultims (Macif 100) and then on the IMOCAs (HugoBoss7), has now been transposed to these exacting and exposed boats to ensure the skipper’s freshness, undeniably a critical performance factor.





Ocean Fifty


VPLP Design


CDK Technologies


fiberglass / epoxy carbone


15,24 m


15.24 m


3.5 m

Air Draft

23.77 m



Sail Area

180 m²

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